Woodside and BHP have a dirty secret. Their proposed Scarborough project puts cultural heritage sites and precious marine life at risk.

There is no need for Scarborough gas

The Scarborough development will be part of Australia’s most polluting fossil fuel project. This mega gas project off the North West coast of Western Australia will increase National gas emissions by 10%.

At a time when the world is working to reduce emissions and tackling climate change, they want to launch this climate-wrecking project. They are not being honest to shareholders or investors about the risks involved.

The companies involved

Woodside and BHP have both made aspirational commitments to achieve net-zero by 2050, while at the same time investing in highly polluting gas projects.

The most recent IPCC Report highlights just how urgent it is to act now.

One of Australia’s biggest polluters and political donors. Woodside have a track record of not cleaning up after themselves leaving Australian taxpayers to foot the bill.

Mining giant BHP has a history of destroying Aboriginal heritage sites. They were involved in one of Brazil’s worst environmental disasters.

Scarborough will cause more than 40 million tonnes of carbon pollution every year. That’s 10 times the pollution of WA’s largest coal fired power station.

The risks

The Scarborough project is a high-stakes gamble for Woodside and BHP. The project is not a sure thing and there are still significant commercial and regulatory hurdles in order for it to go ahead.

Woodside and BHP are not taking the marine impacts seriously. The Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago is home to turtle nesting beaches, humpback whales, dugongs, dolphins, marine snakes and sawfish. All of which are in danger from noise and light pollution, vessel strikes, suffocation from dredging, and potential oil spills.

This project threatens the continued existence of one of Australia and the world’s most significant cultural heritage sites – the Murujuga cultural landscape and rock art.

There is no need for Scarborough gas

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